AGV Gen 3
AGV : AGV Gen 3
Model Type AGV Gen 3
Guidance Type Lidar
Load Capacity <300kg
Base Dimension (W x L x H) mm 560 x 869 x 255
Max Travel Speed (m/min) 1m/min
Motor Brushless Motor
Recharge Time (Hrs.) 1 Hour 30 Minute
Run Time (Hrs.) 8 Hours
Stopping Accuracy ± 50mm (Trackless)
Charging Option Automatic Charging / Manual Charging
Battery Lithium Battery
AGV Body Material Mild Steel With Powder Coating
Lift Control Yes
Load Transfer Latching
Safety Features 5m Adjustable Range
Laser Scanner (Lidar) x2
Ultrasonic Sensors
Emergency Button
Safety Indicator LED Light

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NSCB Systems Sdn. Bhd. is founded in 2013 and have since been specializing in sourcing and providing cost effective solutions for semiconductors and electronic packing industries before we move into manufacturing of automation solutions including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Cobots, Smart Locker and Material Management Systems.

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